December 5-6, 2024

A festival of mind, body & soul

Festival Experience

Let go of your inhibitions and step into a world of bliss with music, literature, yoga, meditation, holistic therapies, and so much more at The Awaken Florida Festival. Here your senses will be stimulated and directed towards an introspective outlook that will leave your mind, body, and soul renewed with energy.

The festival focuses on five key components that are bound to bring you closer to yourself


Block out the noises of the external world and reconnect with your inner voice via soulful morning and evening music, sound healing sessions, and drum sessions that will trigger a peaceful response. At The Awaken Florida Festival, you will harness the energy of sounds and join us on a quest of self-discovery by channeling your Mind, Body, and Soul.


Want to communicate with the world without uttering a word? At The Awaken Florida Festival, let your body do all the talking with some highly effective yoga sessions or get in the groove with dance movement workshops and release stress. All of this will allow your body to regain its natural balance.


Want to make meaningful connections with yourself and the community but don’t know how? Re-awaken your senses with soothing meditation and art therapy sessions, stimulating discourses, and conversations. These connection sessions will help you initiate a dialogue with yourself through the mind over matter series that focuses on intellectually stimulating your brain.


Explore your inner workings in relation to the interactions with your surroundings to reignite that spark of curiosity. At The Awaken Florida Festival, discover a vast array of organic and handmade merchandise that will create and expand your sensual horizon.


Our sense of taste takes us on a delectable journey and makes both- the mind and body react to what we find appealing. Taste sets us free from our mundane anxieties and gives us a sense of release. The festival will showcase and support a range of local, organic, and responsibly produced tasty food choices for our taste buds to go on a flavorful journey.

Festival Location

Sanjoy K. Roy

Managing Director, Teamwork Arts

This is an initiative that truly believes in the philosophy of wellness. We are delighted to bring a unique mix of holistic well-being practices to Spring Hill with the first-ever Awaken Florida.

Dr. Pariksith Singh

CEO of Access Health Care

This festival will be a celebration of health, wisdom, music and arts, a journey of sharing and joy.

Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh

Founder, WellCome OM Integral Healing and Education Center

With this festival, we will celebrate authentic health through the merging of international talent with the vitality of soulful music, creative art, inspiring literature, energy-giving foods and hands-on healing.


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